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Harvest India

HIV/AIDS Hospice. A Home of Hope and Dignity

February 8, 2010

ROCKHARBOR TEAM VISIT IN JANUARY 2010 PRAYING FOR THE LIVES OF THOSE THAT WILL COME TO BE WITH THE LORD THROUGH THIS AMAZING PROJECT An HIV/AIDS Hospice emerges bringing hope, comfort and dignity to a discounted and abandoned growing population in Andhra Pradesh. There is still a long road ahead before the Hospice doors can be opened to receive patients. Harvest India is trusting God to provide all the medical supplies, workers, salaries, beds, food, and financial costs involved in completing and running the project. The costs have not been accounted for due to the God ordained acquisition of the property. An unaffiliated group, was building the project for HIV/AIDS purposes, but, after financial integrity was questioned, structure between the partners deteriorated. Facing opposition, they were forced to release the property and stop progress on their plans for India. God had other plans for the buildings purposes, for after researching the work at Harvest India the affiliates in possession of the building sought out Suresh Kumar to donate the building to God’s Kingdom work here in India. Although construction was not complete and the building still needed much preparation before it could be inhabited, Suresh saw vision and potential in this divine appointment. Trusting that God’s plans are perfect and that the Lord makes no mistakes, Suresh has continuously, passionately and intentionally stayed aware and available to all opportunities in his ministry. As time would prove, financial resources have come in on time and as needed for the construction thus far. While many resources and materials have yet to be provided we would be remiss to not press on with the plans God has revealed. According to plan, those affected by HIV/AIDS will be welcomed to Leugen de Lacroix’s Hope Center as early as this March. A RockHarbor Team and Senior Pastor, Todd Proctor, will be officiating the dedication of this center, giving dignity and hope for an un-reached growing number of people here in India. The dedication will serve in what Harvest India hopes to be a revelation and turning point that benefits the millions of people here in India that have contracted this debilitating disease. It will provide comfort for their ailing bodies, refuge, miraculous healing and restoration, and most importantly salvation and hope to those that the world has abandoned to a miserable death. We pray that the building would stand as a visible testimony to the hope and freedom found in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please contact to find out how you can get involved in the Kingdom work of Harvest India and support this Hope Center HARVEST INDIA'S LEUGEN DE LACROIX HOPE CENTER TO OPEN MARCH 2010

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