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Stories of Transformation :: Meet Ahalya

January 19, 2017

Ahalya lost her father at a young age and her mother was struggling to provide for her. Watch the video below to learn about how Harvest India stepped in to make sure that she had an opportunity at a bright future.

If you would like to sponsor a child like Ahalya, please click HERE.

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Orphan Awareness Month

November 11, 2016

According to UNICEF, there are over 65 million orphaned children in Asia. Half of this total is said to live in India. To be orphaned is not only to be without parental care – it can mean limited or no access to food, shelter, and education.

Perhaps most profoundly, to be without guardianship is to be without the necessary protection against child labor and trafficking. Despite the fall of child labor in the past two decades, India still ranks 4th in modern slavery and forced labor. 80% of these laborers work in rural, agricultural settings – a very present reality for Harvest India and our work in predominantly rural settings. For young boys, this can mean working in construction or hard manual labor, and for girls, domestic work or sex trafficking. Unfortunately, Dalit girls are up to 27 times more likely to be trafficked than any other demographic according to the Dalit Freedom Network.

As we stand with the most vulnerable, we stand in opposition to these heavy realities. The work is not easy, yet we are strengthened by our God who speaks light into the darkness.

Here are ways you can advocate for orphans this fall:

On November 13th, thousands of churches will stand together on behalf of orphaned children. Orphan Sunday is a global movement of locally-led events to stir churches, small groups and communities to God’s heart for orphans and how we can respond. If you are interested in featuring Harvest India on Orphan Sunday, contact Julie Hubbard at 949.701.9296 or
We have plenty of marketing materials such as videos, banners, web graphics, and more!

We love when our supporters visit us! There is nothing quite like seeing the impact of your
support and prayer first hand. If you have not visited us in Tenali yet, we would love to invite you to do so! Contact our office or local partner church for details about upcoming trips in your area.

Although we in the U.S. may not be able to be in India personally, there are so many ways to raise awareness and support from where we are. Gather your community by throwing a fundraiser or benefit concert, hosting a viewing event of Mother India, or creating an advocacy club at your school.

At the root of everything we do is the redemptive and compassionate love of God. As we meet practical and tangible needs through Orphan Care, join usin praying that these actions will reveal the love of Christ to each of the children.

Every child who calls our orphan homes ‘home’ is supported by the generosity of donors like you. Will you commit a portion of your monthly finances and invest in the future of India?


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2016 Year End Summary

November 1, 2016

Together we have made a tremendous impact in India this year. You may be thinking, “but I am half a world away?” or “I didn’t go to India, how did I make an impact?” Geography does not stand in the way of impact. Whether you prayed, gave financially, shared with your network or encouraged Suresh and our team, YOU are an integral part of the work that Harvest India is doing in India.

As we reflect back on 2016, there are 2 unique ways that we have seen growth this year:

  • Quality of care and facilities
  • Expansion

As you know, the need in India is ever-present. We are constantly dreaming, planning and acting to tangibly meet these needs for the Kingdom. Yet this year, we dedicated the summer months to slowing down and ensuring that Harvest India infrastructure and facilities were able to support our growth. We invested significant resources and time into making sure that those in the Harvest India family are receiving the highest quality of care. This was a huge undertaking and we are excited about the updated buildings, systems, and well-trained teaching staff.

We would like to invite you to stop and take a moment to look at the beautiful graphic page below to see the transformation and expansion that has been taking place through Harvest India this year alone.


Incredible, isn’t it? From the children who have been given a second chance and a loving home, to the hundreds of girls who now have access to high quality college education, to those in the 80 villages that have access to medical care for the first time, and those who are hearing the gospel for the first time in our 100+ church plants. God has used your partnership with Harvest India to do this great work.

Suresh is famous for saying “there are greater things to come in the days ahead.” This year, we have been laying the groundwork, believing whole heartedly that indeed, much more can be accomplished together in the days to come. Please continue to partner with Harvest India as you consider year-end giving. As you can see, every dollar is truly making significant impact. Whether you can give $20, $100, $1,000, $5,000 or more, we are grateful! Please click HERE to make a donation today, and please continue to join us through prayer for this important work.

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Harvest India Intern Needed!

September 1, 2016

IMG_4742We are seeking a talented intern who desires to use their creativity and communication skills to better Harvest India and the population we serve.

As an Intern at Harvest India you will be responsible for the following

  • Draft, copy, edit and proofread social media outreach materials
  • Assist in donor development efforts such as phone calls and thank you letters
  • Assist in campaign creation and write copy
  • Aid in the support and growth efforts of Harvest India

Please send an application and resume to describing your relevant background and experience, citing specific accomplishments and interests as they pertain to Harvest India’s work. This is an unpaid internship, but we are happy to sign off for college credit or provide a reference for a job well done.

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Spread Love

August 1, 2016

Did you know that Harvest India currently cares for 1,435 children in 27 children homes daily? We are putting the biblical mandate to ‘defend the cause of the fatherless’ (Isaiah 1:17) into action and we want to invite YOU to join us. Of our 27 children’s homes, 13 are currently unsupported by a specific donor. This amounts to 545 children whose support must be taken from the general fund monthly.

In response to this need, we have created the Spread Love Campaign as a fun way highlight our orphan care programs. It is our goal to get at least 5 of the 13 unsponsored homes sponsored monthly by the end of this August. We believe that together, Harvest India, the Church and individuals can play a critical role in changing the course of these children’s lives.

2016_HI_Spread Love_5 Reasons

Would you consider helping us achieve our goal? You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Sponsor an Orphan Home as a church:  For $1,500 a month, 40-50 of the Harvest India children living in a home will receive housing, nutritious meals, and a quality education from our educational institutions. As the sponsor of the home, you will be able to highlight its children and staff for your congregation, and even see it in person should your church travel to India! This is a wonderful and tangible way to demonstrate your partnership with Harvest India.
  2. Connect us with other churches who may not know about Harvest India so we can further Spread Love. 
  3. Share the Spread Love campaign. Whether it’s a social media shout out, a mention during your Sunday morning announcements, or an email to your congregation, we would love your help in making people aware of this campaign.


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Meet Jahnavi

July 22, 2016

CKH_1661_JahnaviJahnavi is 16 years old and has been living in the Vadlamudi Children’s Home for 9 years now. She was brought to the home from Vijayawada by one of Harvest India’s pastors because her father was not taking care of her or the rest of her family, and her mother was unable to financially provide for her needs. Coming to Harvest India gave her an opportunity to be educated that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Jahnavi has experienced a number of miracles in her life. When she was younger she used to get sick all of the time, and she says, “Harvest India has taken care of me, and they have provided doctors so that I could become healthy. God has healed me and I am so thankful!” Recently, her mother became very ill and she had a severe infection in her intestines. The doctors told her mother that there was nothing they could do and that she would not survive. Instead of accepting this diagnosis, her friends and family prayed for God to heal her, and he did. Hallelujah!

Jahnavi is thriving in school, she loves to play games with her friends, and her favorite subject is English. Her dream is to go to a 4 year university to become an engineer. She has just finished 10th grade and will be going to Harvest India’s all girls KSK College for 2 years to prepare for engineering college. Please pray that God continues to work in Jahnavi’s life, and that he provides a path for her educational dreams to come true.

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Perseverance Through Persecution

July 22, 2016

IMG_4025Just over six months ago one of our devoted and faithful pastors went to be with the Lord. Pastor David started his ministry over 35 years ago in a strong Hindu area that was not open to the message of Christ. Over the years he experienced extreme persecution in the form of physical beatings and death threats. His church was burnt down, not once, but twice. Through all of this persection his faith and passion were never moved, and he never gave up on the place that the Lord had called him to do his work. Because of his perseverance, the Lord protected and blessed his labor, and more than 100 Hindu families are now following Christ.

On May 19 of this year, Harvest India dedicated a new church building in the village that David had been working in for all of these years. On the same day as the dedication, we celebrated the wedding of David’s son, Samerpana, who will be carrying on his fathers work. While the church only has a roof at this point, it holds nearly 200 people and provides a shaded place to worship Jesus. Harvest India is honored by the opportunity to be a small part of God’s big story in this area of Andhra Pradesh, and we are believing in God’s provision for the rest of the construction needs. Hallelujah!

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Severe Drought In India

June 22, 2016

IMG_3003Installing water wells is one of the many tangible ways that Harvest India establishes relationships in new unreached parts of India. Over the years, Harvest India has drilled hundreds of water wells and used that opportunity to share the message of Christ, but this year, drilling a well has not been as easy as it used to be. The government of India has recently declared that about 330 million people are currently being affected by drought. That means that a quarter of the country’s population have been hit by drought after two consecutive years of weak monsoons. As summer hits India, reports of families and farmers in remote villages walking long distances to find water after their wells dried up, have dominated local media.

High temperatures have hit parts of southern India in recent weeks, with scores of deaths reported from heatstroke. Every year hundreds of people, mainly the poor, die at the height of summer in India, but temperatures have risen earlier than normal, increasing concerns about this year’s toll. Poor rainfall and drought conditions also have an adverse economic and social impact, particularly on India’s rural communities, which account for around 60 percent of the nation’s population. Since a large share of Indian rural households are still living in poverty, they are extremely vulnerable to loss of income as they have limited savings to draw upon. Many farmers in India are also deeply indebted and need good harvests to allow them to recoup financial losses and repay loans, and as drought ruins their harvests, many desperate farmers commit suicide.

Officials have forecast an above-average monsoon this year, offering hope for struggling farmers who rely heavily on the annual rains. Please be praying that India would be blessed with plenty of water this monsoon season (June-Sept) and that God would use Harvest India to help meet the needs of the people in their community for the glory of Jesus.

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Thank You America!

June 1, 2016

IMG_9870We want to start off by saying thank you to all of our friends and ministry partners that were able to contribute in some way to making the Kumar Family’s visit to the U.S. a huge success! This was only the second time that the entire family was able to travel to America together, and it was a great time of bonding and rest for everyone.

While here, the Kumars visited churches, long time partners, and new friends in Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, and California. Suresh was also given the opportunity to preach at six different churches and share about the life changing work that Harvest India is doing.

The trip overall was a huge success in every way, and the entire Kumar family returned to India feeling encouraged, refreshed, and ready to get back to the work that God has called them to. Without the love and support of our faithful partners, none of this work would be possible. Thank you for your steadfast collaboration!

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The Kumars Visit New Mexico

April 20, 2016

IMG_0158New Mexicans were thrilled to welcome Suresh, Christina, Mercy, and Nancy to their little towns! It was Suresh’s second visit to Roswell, NM and the fellowship at Calvary Chapel church loved hearing Suresh share the message from Acts 3:1-20. Many new connections were formed as the Kumars met with the Board of Calvary Chapel, attended a good ‘ol back-yard cook out, and met friends and family all weekend long. One highlight was a high-school girl with a big heart for India who spent every second she could becoming friends with Mercy and asking her lots of questions about life as a teenager in India. Mercy and Sophie were fast friends and were both sad when the weekend ended.

Another stand-out moment was when Suresh and Christina were re-united with a couple who had been missionaries 15 years ago, and had just happened to retire in Roswell NM. They had no idea that the Kumars had any connection to Roswell, much less would be in town until the local newspaper ran an article with their picture on the front page! Imagine the surprise as these friends on the other side of the globe and 15 years out of touch, happened to see Suresh on the front page of their little town paper. Ray and Laverne joined the growing community of Harvest India friends in Roswell.

In contrast to the new connections in Roswell, the Kumars traveled on to Silver City, New Mexico where families and churches are among some of the first Americans to ever get involved with Harvest india. Suresh and Christina had reunions with partners who began working with them 18 years ago, when the ministry of Harvest India was much smaller, and it was amazing for them to hear about the exponential growth of the ministry over the past decade. It was a joy to celebrate how God’s faithfulness has grown. Friendships were re-kindled and the Lord was gracious to provide such a time of sweet fellowship.

Enjoy some photos of their time in New Mexico!

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