Happy Easter 2019

Easter week is filled with so many emotions, isn’t it? We find ourselves anticipating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, knowing clearly what lies ahead in the coming days. It is followed by the grief and mourning we experience on Good Friday, knowing the tortuous and painful death Jesus will experience on the cross.

A Look Into Mercy Ministries

Friends, this month, we highlight the community served through Harvest India’s Mercy Ministries. Mercy is one of our four pillars of hope: mercy, education, orphan care, and sharing the gospel. Mercy focuses on providing love and care to the most destitute of those in our communities. This includes the elderly, those of poor health, and our friends who are simply suffering day to day.

Sponsor a Pastor

Friends, this month, we take time to honor our many Indian pastors and their families. I'm pleased to announce Harvest India's new Pastor Support Program, our latest advancement in supporting our pastor friends in India.

Free To Be Me 2019

This week, Harvest India begins our annual salute to the women and young ladies of India. It’s time to celebrate Free to Be Me! ‍

Stories of Transformation :: Adityarani & Ajay

Friends, we are pleased to highlight our Orphan Care Ministry in the month of February. It is one of my favorite seasons because we get to share pictures and stories of our great Harvest India kids! Their smiling faces tell the story of hope and love we find in every one of our children’s homes around Southern India.

Stories of Transformation :: Munni

At KSK Girls’ Junior College in Bhattiprolu, Munni teaches her students science as part of their core curriculum. Take a step inside her classroom where she uses laughter to engage her students!

The Impact of Education

Here we are in May, friends. The year is racing by! May is especially busy across our Harvest India school campuses. There are many graduation celebrations - from our primary schools, to our Bible Colleges and our Nursing College.

Generational Leadership

Friends, this week provided a profound reminder of how powerful Generational Leadership can be. Suresh had the privilege of speaking at the 2018 Biola University Missions Conference in La Mirada, CA

Free To Be Me

Join us over the next few weeks as we celebrate the incredible women of India, and follow along via Facebook and Instagram to hear their stories about how they are "Free To Be Me"

Thank You Heather

Heather Motichko first visited India as a college student and has returned over and over again, her latest trip accompanied by her 9 year old daughter, MacKenzie.

New Executive Director

Welcome 2018 and our new Harvest India Executive Director!

Stories of Transformation :: Radnakumari

Enjoy this short video to hear more about her story and the ways we are helping give her an opportunity at a better future!

Happy New Year

First off we would like to say Happy New Year and thank you to each one of you that supported Harvest India in 2017!

Merry Christmas 2017

Suresh and the Harvest India team wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Spread Love 2018

November is Orphan Awareness Month and we are asking you to help us SPREAD LOVE by sponsoring a child in our care.

Stories of Transformation :: Jesupaddam

Enjoy this short video to hear about Jesupaddam and his calling to be a minister for Harvest India!

Stories of Transformation :: Sujatha

Enjoy this short video to learn more about the many ways Harvest India is investing in the future through Education!

Stories of Transformation :: Satyam

Enjoy this short video about how God called him to caring for the Elderly while traveling from village to village as a Minister.

Stories of Transformation :: Diamane

In India, people suffering from leprosy are viewed as outcasts and are forced out of society to remote places to live an ostracized life. But Jesus didn't view the leper as an outcast and neither do we.

Stories of Transformation :: Sangeet Rao

Enjoy this short vide about Sangeet Rao, who is living in one of Harvest India's Elderly Care Homes.

Stories of Transformation :: Sri Kanth

Check out this short video about Sri Kanth and hear about how Harvest India helps provide him with food, shelter, education and the love of Jesus.

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas from all of us at Harvest India! May your days be filled with peace, hope and JOY this Christmas season.