A Look Into Mercy Ministries

Friends, this month, we highlight the community served through Harvest India’s Mercy Ministries.  Mercy is one of our four pillars of hope:  mercy, education, orphan care, and sharing the gospel.  Mercy focuses on providing love and care to the most destitute of those in our communities.  This includes the elderly, those of poor health, and our friends who are simply suffering day to day.  

Recently, a team from the U.S. returned from a visit to Harvest India.  Midweek of their eight-day visit, they focus their time on Mercy Ministries.  First, they visited one of Harvest India’s six elderly homes.  Here, 18-24 elderly friends who have no place to go, due to illness, poverty, rejection from their families, live in community together. They share life’s final chapters in community, surrounded by love and fellowship, as opposed to living on the streets of India’s slums, ravaged by hunger and fear.

The team reported back to me how amazed they were to see the joy and sweet sense of love in this community.  Before leaving, the elderly group gathered around the team and prayed for them!  

The next stop was to the Harvest India-sponsored leper community. Our team had the opportunity to visit our friends, young and old, who have contracted this crippling disease. 266 adults and 43 children call this community home. They live in their own small homes, share meals together, attend weekly bible studies, and enjoy a true sense of family thanks to the support of Harvest India.  Recently, a new community center was built for our friends. It was a gift from a Harvest India partner and has become a central gathering place for the community. Last month, two weddings were held in the center. It has become such a grand blessing!

The following day, the team visited two remote villages with our resident staff doctor, Dr. Keshore. Harvest India serves the poorest of the poor by providing medical clinic services to rural villages.  Typically, these are the only medical treatment services these communities have in Southern India.  Armed with medicines, stethoscopes, and other primary medical tools, the team assisted Dr. Keshore and his team and brought life-sustaining care to over 300 in each village visit.  

All of this care and assistance is only possible because of your faithful giving. Thank you for being part of creating hope for those few love. Your support becomes the hands, eyes, and feet of Jesus to our friends in desperate need. Most importantly, you are the heart of His Gospel and truth.  

Thank you. Serving with you,


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