A Message from Kristy, Director of Partner Relations

Director of Partner Relations of Harvest India USA Kristy Smith just returned from India! We have the pleasure of sharing her experiences with you. Here is a message from Kristy.

I love connecting with you and thanking you for how your support helps the poor, needy and hurting in India. I am in awe of how your prayers and partnership provide for many of the needs in India. The joy in the faces of the people supported by your generosity is hard to put to words. Thank you for sharing and caring for these dear people. While there, I:

  • Met orphaned children and their caregivers at three of 30 children’s homes
  • Visited the Vijaywada Children’s Home
  • Participated and prayed over the opening of one of the Ashraya Project homes, where over 39 women rescued from human trafficking are given dignified employment through a sewing project.
  • Fed and gave rice to over 200 of the 403 people with leprosy and visited the Boyapalem colony
  • Visited and prayed with 15 elderly people who are cared for at one of Harvest India’s 16 elderly homes.
  • Cared for over 100 people at a Harvest India medical camp where Dr. Keshore and the Harvest India nurses provided medical care and supplies
  • Participated in feeding for over 100 children at two of Harvest India’s mercy camps, providing them with eggs, bread, and bananas
  • Visited over 125 nursing students at the Harvest India nursing college
  • Met the students and teachers at three of Harvest India’s 17 schools
  • Took part in a women’s empowerment conference for over 1600 students and their professors at KSK College
  • Dedicated two Harvest India wells to provide clean water for villages.

Thank you for your love, participation, and investment into Harvest India’s mission. As we focus on orphan care this month, I can’t thank you enough for supporting their monthly needs.  We continue to provide dignity, hope, and opportunity by providing basic needs, care and education, and we currently have 280 more children who need $45 monthly support.  If you are interested in sponsoring one or more of these precious children for $45 a month, please click HERE or contact me at kristy@harvestindia.org or 949-887-1330.

We are incredibly blessed by our partners and appreciate your support. You are making a huge difference, and we appreciate your contributions.