ENVISION 2020: Year End Giving

Providing Freedom, Dignity & Hope

2020 will be a big year for Harvest India! To make this vision a reality, we need your help. By donating to Harvest India this December, you can help us:

✔ Sponsor 400+ orphans

In a country where millions of children are abandoned, we have taken on the mandate to care for the orphan to heart. There are still 9 unfunded orphanages with around 45 children in each home who need food, water, clothes, and an education. As children continue to be left without supplies it is so important for us to continue to support and give hope to so many children.

✔ Fund medical care for people struggling with leprosy

In India, lepers are considered lost in their communities. Harvest India aims to alleviate suffering and bring hope to these communities. There are still 4 unfunded leprosy colonies with 402 lepers including children that need support with medical care and housing, we strive to give them this and so much healing in the year 2020

✔  Support 11 elderly homes

Harvest India provides food, shelter, and love for elderly people who have been cast out by their families. With about 20-25 elders in each home, there are still 11 unfunded homes that need to be filled with supplies for this next year.

✔  Train and care for victims of human trafficking

In the past decade, minor girls and women constituted about 76% of human trafficking victims. Your donation would help us provide women stuck in human trafficking with opportunities for freedom and hope. With your support, we can give more women the freedom and love they need. We hope 2020 will be the year we bring more women out of human trafficking and into a life of hope and prosperity.

Your community can help us provide hope to thousands in need throughout India. Every gift makes a difference, whether that gift is a donation or sharing our mission with family and friends.

With your help, Harvest India can reach our goal of

$50,000 by 2020! The future is bright!

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