Free To Be Me

A message from our Executive Director, Mark Hubbard:

I’ve just returned from Tenali, and I must confess I am longing to return. 

During my stay, I experienced the warmth and joy that fills every Harvest India location.  I was rushed by crowds of children in our children’s homes. I assisted our staff as they provided medical care at our clinic for the young and old. I walked the corridors of KSK college, where young ladies are preparing to graduate with fully credentialed college degrees. And I held on tight in the embrace of our seniors at a Harvest India elderly home. And this was just in the first few days. 

These images, and many more, remind me of the critical role Harvest India USA plays in the lives of so many.  I am especially reminded of the young girls we serve.  This month, Harvest India is focusing on the girls and women of India.  We are honoring them for the month, leading up to the United Nation’s International Women’s Day on March 8. 

This makes we wonder: “What is it like to be a girl in India?”  

The answer to this question is often a harsh and painful reality.  In India, the birth of a son is a call for celebration, while the birth of a daughter can bring a sense of embarrassment and even mourning.  The cost of feeding and educating young girls, and paying a dowry someday at marriage, is too much to bear for many parents. The results are devastating.  High infant mortality rates, poor health, lack of education, and a sense of hopelessness are the standard for girls in India.  A recent statistic estimates over 61 million young girls in India are missing or unwanted by their families.  61 Million!  How can this be?And this, my friends, is why I appreciate you!  Your support is breaking this tragic legacy!  Your support provides the essentials these young ladies require to grow and prosper.  You bring everlasting HOPE and TRANSFORMATION to the nation of India.

Join us over the next few weeks as we celebrate the incredible women of India, and follow along via Facebook and Instagram to hear their stories about how they are "Free To Be Me".

Bharathi is a grand example of the Harvest India story.  Please watch the video below to hear more about her story.