KSK College Students Shine

This month, we highlight Harvest India’s excellent education ministries. Education is truly Harvest India’s shining star.  And what a perfect time to bring you exciting news from Suresh and the Harvest India school superintendents.

As you know, education has been a major focus of Harvest India for many years.  From the beginning, the primary pursuit of excellence in Harvest India schools has been to provide a highly-rated education experience to children and young adults who could not afford the opportunity to learn.  Much of this focus is centered on young Dalit girls who have no opportunity to enter higher education or employment.

Today these dreams have become a reality.  KSK College, a four-year high school and college preparation academy, continues to break scholastic records for Harvest India and the state of Andhra Pradesh. Each year, students throughout the state are required to take placement exams. The final exam during their senior year indicates if they are prepared for employment or may enter into a Bachelors of Science program at an Indian university.  

Regionally, test results in this pass or fail format have shown a less than 40% pass rate.  This year, KSK College girls broke their own pass rate record by scoring an amazing 92.8% pass rate.  More than 9 of 10 KSK girls passed the exam!  

These results produce the greatest gift of all, especially to young Indian women: employment.  Employment agencies offered more than 100 of our KSK graduates jobs at the end of this academic year. This is an amazing testament to the strength and hard work of these ladies, who only needed an opportunity to shine!  

This is all possible because of the faithful support you provide to Harvest India.  Would you consider a special gift this month to help these young women at KSK?  Our enrollment has swelled to over 2000. Most of these girls depend on scholarship gifts to attend school, so please consider helping them live out their pursuit of a better life by going to https://harvestindia.givingfuel.com/general-giving.

Thank you!

Serving together,