New School Coming to Bellamkonda

This is the second in a series of news about Harvest India’s exemplary Education Ministries.

Bellamkonda is not a location many would recognize.  This area is approximately two hours from Harvest India’s campus. Though it is relatively close in distance, it is worlds apart in culture.  

Bellamkonda Valley holds nearly a 100% Hindu population. Schooling is scarce in this agricultural region.  There are very few options for a proper education, and very few children in the region attend any level of school.  The opportunities for young girls are even more dire. The two public schools in the region do not even  have restroom facilities for girls.  This is intentional.  The Hindu community discourages young girls, especially lower-caste girls, from formal training or learning. It is such a tragedy.

But Harvest India is coming soon! This school is under construction now, and will open for the next school session at the end of the Summer.  Over 300 children will have the opportunity of a lifetime to learn, especially young girls!  

Due to the location and the level of poverty in the region, this school will be offered to students tuition-free.  We are praying God will be faithful and provide the funds to provide the education experience these kids deserve.  Would you consider supporting this school?  Your one-time gift or recurring partnership will be an incredible blessing to these children.

Harvest India continues to be a beacon of light for so many, young and old, in India. Thank you for making a difference!

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