Spread Love 2018

November is Orphan Awareness Month and we are asking you to help us SPREAD LOVE by sponsoring a child in our care. According to UNICEF, there are over 30 million orphaned children said to live in India. To be orphaned is not only to be without parental care – it can mean limited or no access to food, shelter, and education.

Perhaps most profoundly, to be without guardianship is to be without the necessary protection against child labor and trafficking. Despite the fall of child labor in the past two decades, India still ranks 4th in modern slavery and forced labor. 80% of these laborers work in rural, agricultural settings – a very present reality for Harvest India and our work in predominantly rural settings. For young boys, this can mean working in construction or hard manual labor, and for girls, domestic work or sex trafficking. Unfortunately, Dalit girls are up to 27 times more likely to be trafficked than any other demographic according to the Dalit Freedom Network.

As we stand with the most vulnerable, we stand in opposition to these heavy realities. The work is not easy, yet we are strengthened by our God who speaks light into the darkness.

Our goal?
By the end of November, we want to have all 425 children sponsored. Whether that is a church partner, team, or individual sponsoring an entire home at 1,500 per month or 425 individual sponsorships at $35 per month.