Stories of Transformation :: Adityarani & Ajay

For the month of February, we will share the great work of our Orphan Care Ministry. Watch the video below to see the stories of transformation for Adityarani & Ajay, and read on for a personal letter from our Executive Director Mark.

"And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them."

Matthew 10:16

Friends, we are pleased to highlight our Orphan Care Ministry in the month of February. It is one of my favorite seasons because we get to share pictures and stories of our great Harvest India kids! Their smiling faces tell the story of hope and love we find in every one of our children’s homes around Southern India.  

We are often asked why we are so compelled to serve orphans. Simply, it comes from the very heart of Jesus. We find example after example of the special love Jesus has for His kids in the Gospels.

Matthew 10 is a great example. I can just imagine the scene. Jesus’ followers were likely on a tight schedule, attempting to keep the Savior moving through the crowds. Suddenly,  a rush of children came through the crowd.  Parents were bringing children to Jesus just to receive a touch. His disciples were not pleased and attempted to send the children away. How did Jesus react? He stopped. He smiled. He listened. He rebuked his leaders and said, “Do not hinder them. Let them come to me.” Then, He took them in his arms.  He touched each and every one of them.  

Friends, Jesus understood the special gift a child holds in their hearts. He recognized their blessed innocence and purity. He even called out the adults to be more like children when they consider the Kingdom of God.

Harvest India strives to be more like Jesus and touch every single orphan much like Jesus would. Our 26 children’s homes and our main campus orphanage are home to over 1500 children. Not only are these kids being cared for with food, clothing, and education, they are part of a loving “family”–the Harvest India Family. To top it off, they learn the Good News of Jesus and enjoy the Word of God every day.

Please join me in praying for our sweet Harvest India kids. I also invite you to support the Orphan Care Ministry. It’s our way to “touch” these children’s lives. If you would like more information on how to support a child or sponsor a children’s home, feel free to check our website at or reach out to me directly at  

Serving Together,