Stories of Transformation :: Nilima


Nilima’s story is so encouraging and compelling. She came to Harvest India as an orphaned young girl, facing a future filled with desperation.  She has risen from our elementary schools and our jr. college, and is about to embark on a career path and a bright future as a nurse.  She will serve others in the same spirit she has been served by her Harvest India family.

Her story is not uncommon. Many of our students, especially our young ladies in the nursing program, came to Harvest India from tremendous poverty and strife.  Many have been abandoned, facing hopelessness and a bleak future.  But Harvest India provides a ray of hope in an otherwise dark world.  Nilima’s life has been transformed to a life of helping others.

Was it easy? No, not at all. Harvest India’s school curriculum is demanding. It brings the best out of its students to excel and be their best.  Over and over, we see young men and women rise from the seats of a Harvest India classroom, ready to become the leaders of their generation.  More than 100 nursing school graduates were offered jobs in hospitals and clinics in India this year!

Friends, would you consider giving today to help more students live out their dreams?  Your one time or monthly donation of any amount will mean a brighter future to so many boys and girls.  Like Nilima, they, too, will be ready to take on their futures with excitement and praise!

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