Suresh in America 2019

“Walk according to your calling. Character of Unity, Creed of Unity. Christ of Unity. We are one, but we are many. United together in Christ, everyone playing a part for a result of maturity/fullness in Christ.” - Ephesians 4:1-17

In the past few weeks, President of Harvest India Suresh Kumar has been traveling around the west coast speaking in different communities about the work God is doing within and through Harvest India. One community he spoke at was Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, California. He shared about how he was called into ministry and got the call to be involved in God’s Kingdom. He shared his story with Pastor Aaron Ophaug of Rock Harbor Church. To hear Pastor Aaron’s full message and Suresh’s story, click here.

While traveling, Suresh has shared about transformations he has seen within Harvest India, the growth of the Education program, the amazing strides women are taking in India, and so much more. Stay connected on our social media to hear more from Suresh as he continues his travels. Please join us in prayer as well for safety and health during his trip.

Suresh will be visiting Cornerstone Church next in Chandler, AZ on August 25. We hope to see you there!