The Impact of Education

Here we are in May, friends.  The year is racing by!  May is especially busy across our Harvest India school campuses.  There are many graduation celebrations - from our primary schools, to our Bible Colleges and our Nursing College.  We are grateful for the hard work and dedication our students give each day, and we celebrate with them as they take their next steps in life. I am especially excited for the hundreds of young women who are graduating from KSK College.  They have worked very hard over these past years, and are about to embark on the next step into the University level.   

Bagashri is a great example of this life-changing experience.  She is from a poor family who would never have the means to pay her school fees.  She was brought into the Harvest India family and is prospering like never before at KSK College.  To hear her desire to become a leader in her community brings such satisfaction and joy to we at Harvest India.  

I also wanted to share some additional exciting news about KSK College.  Recently, the students in the 2018 graduating class took entrance exams for the University Level.  I would equate these exams to our US students taking the SAT Exams.  I am thrilled to report that KSK College scored at record high levels.  95% of our ladies passed these exams!  The national average for similar schools is much, much lower.  And if this isn’t enough great news, 38 of our students passed with a PERFECT SCORE.  Let’s all give thanks today for these excellent young ladies, their teachers, and the staff at Harvest India.  Truly, they are the future leaders of India!

Friends, thank you so much for your love and support.  Your generosity is making a significant impact on the lives of so many, young and old.  You are empowering the next generation of leaders in India, and spreading the Good News of Jesus to a community who desperately need His love.  We are grateful for you!

Serving with you,