The Women of Harvest India ✨

As we celebrate International National Women’s Day, we remember the accomplishments of women worldwide.

At Harvest India, a day to celebrate women is especially important to us. Today we recognize Lalitha Kumar, founder and mother of Harvest India President Suresh Kumar. She worked tirelessly for opportunities for women.

Lalitha’s passion for others developed into serving those less fortunate, and Harvest India was born. She had a special and unique desire to provide unprecedented avenues for women in a country where women are not afforded many opportunities.

Over 50 years later, we continue to stand alongside women– our largest demographic. Our empowering reach is far and wide, supporting everyone from the widows in our elderly homes to the students at KSK.

At Harvest India, we are grateful and honored to serve these amazing women through your generous giving. We currently support:

·      1609 students at KSK College

·      169 Harvest India nursing students

·      45 women of Ashraya House

·      178 elderly women

·      875 girls in our 29 orphanages


Thank you for linking arms with Harvest India as we celebrate and recognize these strong, incredible women!

Invest in these amazing women today!