Mercy Ministry

Leprosy Outreach :: No Longer an Outcast

Leprosy affects over 200,000 people in India. Harvest India’s Leprosy Outreach seeks to alleviate suffering through a variety of services including meals, shelter and clothing donations.

Leprosy Outreach :: Bringing Positive Change

Leprosy. What comes to mind when you see this word? An ancient disease? Separation and scorn for those with this sickness? With all the marvelous advances in medicine, it couldn’t possibly be affecting people today, could it? 

Stories of Transformation :: Manager

With Christ’s love, Manager hopes to spread healing words and compassion across villages in India.

A Look Into Mercy Ministries

Friends, this month, we highlight the community served through Harvest India’s Mercy Ministries. Mercy is one of our four pillars of hope: mercy, education, orphan care, and sharing the gospel. Mercy focuses on providing love and care to the most destitute of those in our communities. This includes the elderly, those of poor health, and our friends who are simply suffering day to day.

Stories of Transformation :: Satyam

Enjoy this short video about how God called him to caring for the Elderly while traveling from village to village as a Minister.

Stories of Transformation :: Diamane

In India, people suffering from leprosy are viewed as outcasts and are forced out of society to remote places to live an ostracized life. But Jesus didn't view the leper as an outcast and neither do we.

Stories of Transformation :: Sangeet Rao

Enjoy this short vide about Sangeet Rao, who is living in one of Harvest India's Elderly Care Homes.