The Heart and Soul of Education

As we wrap up our month-long celebration of the Harvest India Education Ministries, let’s bring our attention back to the heart and soul of our India family: kids!

Stories of Transformation :: Nilima

Nilima’s story is so encouraging and compelling. She came to Harvest India as an orphaned young girl, facing a future filled with desperation. She has risen from our elementary schools and our jr. college, and is about to embark on a career path and a bright future as a nurse. She will serve others in the same spirit she has been served by her Harvest India family.

New School Coming to Bellamkonda

Bellamkonda is not a location many would recognize. This area is approximately two hours from Harvest India’s campus. Though it is relatively close in distance, it is worlds apart in culture.

KSK College Students Shine

This month, we highlight Harvest India’s excellent education ministries. Education is truly Harvest India’s shining star. And what a perfect time to bring you exciting news from Suresh and the Harvest India school superintendents.

Stories of Transformation :: Munni

At KSK Girls’ Junior College in Bhattiprolu, Munni teaches her students science as part of their core curriculum. Take a step inside her classroom where she uses laughter to engage her students!

The Impact of Education

Here we are in May, friends. The year is racing by! May is especially busy across our Harvest India school campuses. There are many graduation celebrations - from our primary schools, to our Bible Colleges and our Nursing College.

Free To Be Me

Join us over the next few weeks as we celebrate the incredible women of India, and follow along via Facebook and Instagram to hear their stories about how they are "Free To Be Me"

Stories of Transformation :: Radnakumari

Enjoy this short video to hear more about her story and the ways we are helping give her an opportunity at a better future!

Stories of Transformation :: Sujatha

Enjoy this short video to learn more about the many ways Harvest India is investing in the future through Education!